Track My Order

How do I track my order?

To track your order you’ll need the AWB number that we sent to you in your order confirmation email. Then you can check your package here.

Most parcels will reach their destination within one or two days, for JABODETABEK. However, some destinations may require additional time allowed for parcels to arrive.

If this time has passed and you have still not received your parcel please contact our Customer Care team.

If you have lost your AWB number, simply log in to your account, select the order and click on the ‘tracking number' link. The AWB number will be shown right away.

If you have selected the COD service you will receive email updates on the progress of your order. //If you have selected the COD service you will receive the AWB number through email and youcan check here.

How do I return my item?

You can return an item by post within 14 days of receipt.

To return an item by post, you must write your reason why you want to return/refund the package. To return an item by post, log in to your account and download the 'Return and Refund Form section. Fill the form and insert the completed form to the parcel and post it to us within 14 days of the day that you received it.

Your receipt will contain a tracking reference number to prove the items have been returned. Without this we cannot refund any money if we do not receive the returned items.

The refund will be processed once your goods are received into our office. Please note that it may take 3-5 working days for the refund to show in your account.

If you experience any difficulty or have any questions about the online returns process please contact our Customer Care Team or please read our Delivery & Return Policy.

Where can I find my AWB number?

If you requested an AWB number and have not received it yet, you can click here. Or You can log in to your account and click the Tracking number link.
Alternatively, how to get your AWB number, you can contact our Customer Service team by
email and ask for AWB number. Please be aware, without your AWB number you can’t track your order.

Bagaimana saya dapat menelusuri order yang sudah saya pesan?

Untuk dapat menelusuri order, anda membutuhkan nomer AWB yang akan kami kirim melalui email. Lalu anda dapat mencarinya melalui website JNE disini.

Untuk daerah JABODETABEK, paket akan sampai tujuan dalam waktu 1-2 hari. Harus diketahui bahwa proses pengiriman membutuhkan waktu yang agak lama untuk beberapa daerah di Indonesia.

Apabila paket tidak kunjung tiba hingga waktu yang ditentukan, harap untuk menghubungi Customer service kami.

Apabila anda kehilangan nomer AWB yang sudah kami kirim melalui email, anda bisa mendapatkan nomer AWB tersebut pada account anda yang terdapat di ( / Klik “tracking number” link dan nomer AWB anda anda muncul.

Apabila anda memilih metode pembayaran Cash On Delivery, anda akan mendapatkan email yang berisi progress mengiriman paket anda..

Bagaimana saya dapat mengembalikan paket order saya (Apabila baju yang saya terima tidak sesuai)

Anda dapat mengembalikan paket tersebut dalam jangka waktu 14 hari setelah anda menerima paket tersebut.

Untuk dapat mengembalikan paket tersebut, anda harus menuliskan alasan mengapa anda mengembalikan paket tersebut.

Untuk mengembalikan paket yang anda terima, pertama-tama anda harus mengunduh 'Return and Refund Form' yang terdapat di account anda. Isi form tersebut dan sertakan ketika anda mengirimkan paket tersebut.

Simpan receipt yang anda terima, dan sertakan ketika anda ingin mengembalikan porduk. Karena tanpa receipt tersebut kami tidak dapat melakukan proses refund maupun return.

Proses return dan refund akan kami lakukan ketika barang sudah kami terima dan telah melalui proses QC. Harap dimengerti bahwa proses return dan refund membutuhkan waktu sekitar 3-5 hari kerja.

Apabila anda mengalami permasalahan dalam mengirim barang mohon hubungi customer service kami dan anda dapat membaca Delivery & Return Policy kami.

Dimana saya bisa mendapatkan nomer AWB saya?

Apabila anda belum mendapatkan nomer AWB atau kehilangan email yang berisi nomer AWB, anda dapat mengunduh nya disini. OAda cara lain, yaitu dengan masuk ke account anda dan klik “Tracking Number” link.
Apabila anda mengalami kesulitan anda dapat menghubungi customer service kami.
Harap diperhatikan bahwa tanpa nomer AWB anda tidak dapat melakukan penelusuran order.